you don't know what you are and it may take you years to find out.

Monday, September 18

where am i again??

vegas... san diego... and orlando - all in the past 3 weeks. i'm freakin beat.

how the hell is everyone?

Monday, July 17

A little too close for comfort...

So, mom's house was one of the houses saved from the fire. A big thanks to all the firefighters - the fire reached the front porch, but they saved the house.

There are thunderstorms in the forecast though, which could cause extreme flooding, and Mom might have to evacuate again.

Wednesday, July 12

And sometimes, you realize what's really important in life.

My mom won't know until tomorrow morning if her house is still standing, and my best friend's dad has a 50/50 chance of living through his upcoming bone marrow transplant.

And then, you think, maybe my life isn't really that bad.

Sunday, July 2

my family's effing crazy. and i have 5 days off. and my birthday's on wednesday.

Monday, May 8

Because I can.

The girls and I in the San Deezy fo sheezy. And then... there's Ali (and the drunkass roomie). I'm just too cool for my own good.

Wednesday, April 5

No Title, Dammit.

So you know when you've got it down, you know what's going on, you think you have eeeevvverything under control, and then WHACK! You get a big fucking slap in the face?

Yeah. That's pretty much how today went.

But I got a new job. So that's pretty cool.

Tuesday, March 28

Holy shit it's ME!


Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, they've blocked pretty much every site imaginable at work. Oh, and work? Sucks. Big fat ones. But I'm in the midst of fixing that.

Anyway, I got shit to do, but I just wanted to leave a little reminder of me... and my little sis who is now the big two-one (we celebrated in Vegas, of course):

Oh, and while in Vegas, we went to the fight...

and saw Vargas get his ass BEAT:

And we basically just drank a lot...

and gambled a lot...

and somehow I woke up with $400 in my pocket one morning and I didn't even remember gambling. And I bought some super hot shoes.

Yeah, that pretty much covers it.